Sahara Love Story – dry shampoo texture spray



Like windy hair, light-hearted and free. A little love story can be good. It can be your best friend on a lousy hair day. It can refresh, add volume and build texture. Effortless, with an elegant blond and powdery tone.

What: Dry shampoo and texturizing spray for blonds.
Who: Blonds, from ashy diamond to golden caramel.
When: Step 3 – to refresh and to build shape and texture.
How: Shake well, until the small metal ball makes a sound. Spray towards the roots, one section at the time. Let set for 5–10 seconds before molding your shape.
Contains: Rice starch.
Scent: Grapefruit, Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk.

A refreshing, moldable dry shampoo and texture spray for blondes. It builds volume and adds texture with an elegant blonde and powdery tone well-suited for most blondes, from ashy diamond to golden caramel. Contains: Rice starch – rich in amino acids which strengthens the hair roots, adds volume and still leaves the hair light and healthy. Paraben free.

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