Noir Poem Of A Swirl – curl cream



What. Curl Cream for lightweight swirls.
Who. For all you perfectly swirly ones.
When. Step 2 — To moisturize, define and hold the perfect curl. Adds superior finish and glossy shine.
How. Apply to damp hair. Scrunch and shape your curls.
Air dry for loose wave or diffuse for volume and defined curls. When hair is dry, shake and shape.

Contains. Noir Selected Protein – from soy, wheat and corn – Aloe Vera extract and Pinot Noir grape seed extract.

Scent. Gardenia, Rose, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Amber and Musk.

Apply the amount of a hazelnut evenly in damp hair, then scrunch and shape your curls. Air dry for softer, loose waves or diffuse for more defined curls and bigger volume. When hair is dry, shake and shape again. Contains Noir selected proteins from soy, wheat, corn aloe vera extract, and pinot grape seed extract.

This lightweight conditioning Curl Cream was inspired by the naturally curly-cued and that eternal love affair to our coils that we think should be embraced rather than tamed. Suitable for medium to fine textured strands, Poem Of A Swirl is designed to nurture and boost waves and curls, besides adding hold, light and lustre.

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