Noir Grand Ambition – volume spray



Moving, dancing and flowing, as if in slow motion. Dare to dream of big. This ultrafine spray, with its supermoldable micro mousse formula, will give you a bounceable, elastic hold for natural flow and the volume of your dreams. Once again, less is less and big is bigger.

What: Micro mousse volume spray with powerful hold.
Who: Anyone with a big hair ego and the need for a firm support to back it up.
When: Step 2 — to build volume and shape your style.
How: Spray in towel-dried hair, spray towards roots at a distance of 10 cm, one section at the time. Blow dry up side down or with a brush for maximum volume.
Contains: Vitamin E, Keratine.
Scent: Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla.

A micro mousse volume spray with powerful hold. Formulated with the firmness of a mousse and the beautiful finish of an ultra-fine spray. Extremely moldable and elastic, making it easy to build thick volume with a bounceable, natural flow. Contains several well-documented active ingredients: Vitamin E – an essential nutrient that directly conditions hair, making it lustrous, shinier, fuller and stronger; Keratin – A protein and a key structural component of hair that provides the necessary strength and toughness for longer-lasting hair with better quality and a natural shine. Paraben free.

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