Noir Editors Choice – silkes cream



Silky luster, movement and texture. Just one last touch and you are good to go. Mold the shape, tame the frizz and quench with moisture. Instant conditioning and style, everytime you need it. Say hello to a new classic.What. Moisturizing silk styling cream with light hold and luster.

Who: For those who love flow and texture.
When: Step 3 – to shape, add luster and texture.
How: Apply in dry hair, work and mold with hands. For shape, frizz-taming, luster and texture.
Contains: Noir selected protein from Silk and Wheat, Aloe Vera extract, Pinot Noir grape seed extract.
Scent: Gardenia, Rose, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Amber, Musk.

A moisturising silk styling cream with light hold and beautiful lustre. It molds the shape, tames the frizz and quenches with moisture. Ideal for a quick touch-up, adding instant conditioning and style whenever needed. Say hello to a new classic. Contains several well-documented active ingredients: Pinot Noir grape seed extract – rich in natural procyanidins and known for its ability to protect against free radicals and oxidative stress; Rhodophyceae – a bio-algal and a natural bio extender that can prevent hair damage; Aloe Vera – rich in amino acids, primarily alanine which has a moisturising effect on hair; Noir selected proteins from silk and wheat – for volume and smoothness. Paraben free.

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