Beach Muse – mineral spray



This is you going west coast. Just spray and you are thousands of miles from the cold and grey. Sea. Sun. Breeze. And some deep moisturizing magic from the ocean. Now, at least your hair is acting sunny and laid back in a very sexy, con dent way. You look perfectly undone in a perfectly done way.

What: Sea minerals spray that adds volume, texture & conditioning
Who: For those with short as well as long hair in need of more texture
When: Step 2 – in towel dry hair for more texture.
How: Spray in towel-dried hair, section by section at a distance of 20 cm mold the hair for texture and movement, air dry, or diffuse for a beachy look, for a more done undone look use a round brush.
Contains: Noir selected sea minerals — Rhodophycea extract and Sea Satin, Aloe Vera, Pinot Noir grape seed extract.
Scent: Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Pear, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla.

A uniquely conditioning sea minerals spray for volume and texture. Created to give a sensual and laid-back, West Coast-inspired style for a perfectly done undone look. Contains several well-documented active ingredients: Rhodophyceae – a bio-algal and a natural bio extender that can prevent hair damage; Sea satin – derived from a flowering plant rich in active compounds used for treating damaged, dull and dry hair. It helps to protect from all types of stress known to damage hair; environmental, chemical and mechanical. Aloe vera – rich in amino acids, primarily alanine which has a moisturising effect on hair. Pinot Noir grape seed extract – rich in natural procya- nidins and known for its ability to protect against free radicals and oxidative stress. Paraben free.

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